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Like any other media resource, websites must evolve with the times. So, for the third time since 2011, we are redesigning our site, The new, fresher look is scheduled to launch in mid-July, shortly after this issue hits mailboxes, newsstands, and our apps.

We’re retaining the vast majority of the current content — more than 1,600 articles and 17,200 reader-submitted photos. The stories will be organized in a more user-friendly way, so they’re easier to locate, and for those of us who don’t like squinting (i.e., everyone), the typography will be larger and easier to read. The site will continue to feature a calendar of upcoming birding festivals and events; if you’re involved in a festival and don’t see it listed, please submit information about it through the available form, and we’ll post it right away.

Of course, you can also use the site to subscribe to BirdWatching, give a gift subscription, or contact us with questions or comments.

If you haven’t visited our site recently, you’ll notice that we cover the broad interests of birdwatchers: from feeding and attracting tips to conservation and science news. We also offer bird-identification info, but it’s not what you’ll get from lots of other sites. Certainly, other websites present ID info similar to what is available in printed or app-based field guides, and believe me, I’m happy they’re out there.

On our site, however, you’ll find bird-ID content that you won’t see elsewhere: Kenn Kaufman’s “ID Tips” and David Sibley’s “ID Toolkit.” Kenn and David are both authors of outstanding field guides and other books — and longtime contributing editors for BirdWatching. Their columns are among the most popular parts of the magazine, so I’m delighted to present many of their past articles in an easy-to-navigate format on our updated site.

Our online address,, hasn’t changed, but I think you’ll like the improvements we have been working on. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Matt Mendenhall, editor
[email protected]


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