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Black-crowned Palm-Tanager

Posted by bonesaw on June 5, 2013 at 5:24 pm
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The Dominican Republic is truly an amazing place for birds. It is home to 32 endemic species, many of which have now been recently placed in their own phenotypic familes, including the Palm-Tanager. There are two species in the world, both endemic to the DR. This species, the Black-crowned Palm-Tanager, is the more common of the two. Its range covers every inch of the DR and Haiti. The second species, Grey-crowned Palm-Tanager, is only found in the southwest region of Haiti. From what I observe, they can be found almost always in pairs, in a variety of habitats, are very energetic, and apparently aren’t too afraid of humans. Currently I am working in the DR as a field assistant for a PhD student’s project on the Hispaniolan Woodpecker.