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Sharp-shinned Hawk

Posted by Daniel Behm on February 10, 2014 at 10:05 pm
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I had stopped by a local area to hopefully catch up with a wintering Merlin. Having no luck finding the Merlin until later I was photographing several Robins feeding on fruit from a Hawthorne tree. When all of a sudden chaos broke loose and next thing I know this Sharpie had this Robin pinned to the ground. I was able to get 12 frames off before he was chased off by a Red-tailed Hawk trying to steel its catch.

Daniel Behm

5D3 | 600mm.| F/6.3 | Iso 400 | 1000 th | Tripod | Crouched low on the snow

  • Observer

    Nice shot ! Did it hold on to its prey , or did the red tail get it ?