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Cedar Waxwing

Posted by Janet Crouch on August 6, 2013 at 11:21 am
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I ride the Leaf River Trail (bike trail) of Wadena, MN. The trail is along some of the wetlands of Minnesota.

While riding I always keep an eye out for birds. I spotted Cedar Waxwings beside the trail in an area with a stream. They were giving a wonderful aerial display while catching insects. I began taking my Nikon D200 camera with my tripod when I ride. My bike is unusual (4 wheel Pedalcoupe) and has a trunk on the back so that I can carry my equiptment with me. After seeing the birds I had to stop & set up my camera to get pictures. They were flying all over including to the trees and bushes along the trail. This picture was taken when one landed in a tree within 10 feet of me yesterday (8/4/13).

  • Tony Britton

    This photograph is superb on so many levels! Extremely well done!