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Snowy Owl

Posted by newportbird on November 25, 2013 at 8:08 pm
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What a wonderful Winter treat to have this Snowy Owl being found on November 22nd, at Sachuest Point National Wildlife refuge here in Middletown, R.I. I went looking for the bird on Nov.23rd, and after looking along the shoreline for a couple of hours, we were told by another birder that the owl was hunkered down amongst some rocks along the shoreline. Found the bird and spent the next hour and a half watching it and taking photos, with many good looks at the bird sitting & flying a couple of times. It delighted all present by landing atop this rock not more than a hundred feet away. Many photos later left for the day, hoping this bird will stick around for others to enjoy. By the looks of reports already it appears this will be a good Winter for these majestic & beautiful birds from the Arctic. We don’t see them that often here in R.I., making it that much more special.

I used a Canon t3i Rebel camera with a Canon 400mm 5.6 prime lense,with ISO of 400, shot at 1/1000 sec., opened up one stop.