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Sandhill Crane

Posted by newportbird on January 29, 2013 at 4:57 pm
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This Sandhill Crane was found at Seapowet Marsh in Tiverton R.I. 01-27-13, by Majorie Bradley.  A rare visitor for us in R.I., with probaby over twenty records over years past.  A good bird to start off 2013 with.

I used a Canon 50D camera with Canon 400mm, 5.6 lense handheld @ 1/800 sec. on TV setting, set for clouds,and opened up two stops.

  • TimUpham

    The only subspecies of sandhill cranes, which are rare is the Cuban, Florida, and Mississippi sandhill cranes. The three other subspecies are found in huge numbers.

  • Matt Mendenhall

    Tim, you’re right that the species isn’t rare, but it’s a rare sighting in Rhode Island. That’s why it’s included here.