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Ross’s Goose

Posted by newportbird on November 25, 2013 at 8:13 pm
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What an amazing week here in R.I.: First a Lark Sparrow, then a Snowy Owl, and now a Ross’s Goose found by birders on the 23rd. After spending most of the morning taking photos of a Snowy Owl, I received a call from another birder who wanted to go look for the goose, which was found in the morning, so after a quick half hour drive we found the bird in original location (don’t we wish they could all be that easy !), watched the bird for half an hour & then back to Newport.

This should be the third state record for this bird. I was fortunate to get photos of the last one two years ago here, but that didn’t make this find any less rewarding to see & photograph, so now we’ll see what the rest of this Winter brings to our shores here.

Samera used Canon t3i Rebel, setting TV @ 1/1000 sec. opened up two stops at ISO 400.