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Northern Wheatear

Posted by newportbird on October 23, 2013 at 9:20 am
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This Northern Wheatear has been present at URI’s Peckham Farm in Kingston R.I. for the past five days, or so. I had gotten some photos earlier, but wasn’t happy with results, so knowing our weather would be changing here in NewEngland, I decided to take a bus over to the location for more photos.

The bird was present when I arrived. It was delighting ten other birders by sitting on top of farm equipment, and flying back to the grassy area looking for food. All other birders left, but I stayed for another two hours watching the bird feeding and landing on different farm equipment close by. I took many photos, and I like this one a lot, showing the bird with what I think is a praying mantis. It made for a very satisfying day with this rare vissitor to R.I. There have been approximately a dozen sightings of this bird here in R.I. over the years.