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Orchard Oriole

Posted by Phillip Hardy on May 27, 2014 at 1:20 pm
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Recently I have observed this male Orchard Oriole coming to some volunteer Gladiolus along the fence in my backyard. While visiting these colorful flowers the bird would peck at the base of the blooms and sip nectar. So I began to ponder how I could photograph this bird without the obnoxious fence in the background. I cut a long stem of Gladiola then placed it into a jug filled with water. I placed the jug on top of a stool that now lifted the flower head above the fence and I had a pleasing green background now. I injected a small amount of sugar water into the blooms and got inside my portable blind. During a one hour wait this morning the bird visited the Gladiolus three different times. This was the shot I was most pleased with. I live in Americus, Georgia and the Orchard Orioles nest in our yard every spring, blessing us with their beauty and song.