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Eastern Bluebird

Posted by Sylvie Williams on July 13, 2013 at 5:25 pm
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June 9, 2013 – Marion, NC

On the morning of June 9th I heard a birdie fluttering inside the chimney of our wood burning stove. The chimney was 20 ft high, so I couldn’t free it from above – I kept hearing the bird throughout the day, wishing I could help. After about 8 hours I heard that the bird was making its way downwards. I said a prayer for the poor little thing and a few minutes later I opened the stove door and cleaned out a bunch of debris that was clogging the opening of the chimney. Out flew this beautiful little Eastern Bluebird. I caught it in the corner – gave it a drink of water and took it out to the woods where it happily flew away.

  • Gail Storm

    Hi Sylvie, I’m afraid that’s not an Indigo Bunting, that’s an Eastern Bluebird. The Indigo Bunting has a short thick beak since they’re a seed eater. The Eastern Bluebird has a longer thin beak because they catch bugs. Probably the reason you found that bird in the chimney is because bluebirds nest in cavities and probably he was looking for a hole that might provide a nesting site. The males find the sites and invite the females to check them out. Nice save!!

  • birdwatchingdaily

    Thanks for your comment, Gail. We’ve updated the description.