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Anna’s Hummingbird

Posted by redfish on December 11, 2013 at 4:06 pm
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Ivins, Utah. Dec. 11, 2013. I took this picture today about noon and the temp. was 16 deg. and there was snow on the Oleander branches. I guess you usually associate Hummingbirds with warm weather so this seems unusual. It’s been getting down into the single digits and teens every night for the last 5 nights so I take the feeders into the house for the night and put them back out about 10 in the morning when it’s had some time to warm up a little. Sony A77 with a Sony 70/400 zoom at 400. 1/250 F8 ISO 200. Taken from a tripod using a wireless remote shutter release. Cropped slightly in Photoshop.