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House Sparrow

Posted by newportbird on November 21, 2013 at 8:38 am
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I’m fortunate to have many friends who know I’m an avid birder/photographer, so when this young albino house sparrow showed up at their farm in Jamestown, R.I., they called me, and I got over there the next day and found the bird in a group of house sparrows feeding on the ground with other birds.

The bird was actively feeding & begging for food also from a female house sparrow. By the looks of its feathers & the bird’s actions, I assume it was a young bird. I was quite thrilled to photograph my first completely albino bird. I took many photos on three seperate occasions; this bird remained at the farm for a few weeks, and then disappeared. Hopefully it moved on.

I used a canon 50D, with a 50-250 canon lens, f11 @ 1/500 sec., stopped down 1 1/2 stops