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Pallas’s Fish-Eagle

Posted by sylvester alphonso on February 17, 2023 at 11:45 am
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The Pallas’s Fish-Eagle is one of the most beautiful eagles I have ever seen. I saw this bird in the eastern zone of Kaziranga National Park. The head is white with black eyes, the bill is blackish grey in color with a curve at the tip, the breast is orange grey, white legs with the tail black and white.

This bird prefers lake, rivers, and creeks, and it mainly depends on fish but also feeds on snakes, rats, crabs some waterfowl. It tends to spend long periods perched close to waters.

When I saw this bird, within five minutes it spread its wings which was a treat to watch. It kept its wings spread for nearly 30 minutes. That is incredible because we as human beings can’t keep our hands spread for long.