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Indian Roller

Posted by sylvester alphonso on September 16, 2022 at 12:20 pm
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The cyan eyes of this bird make it very striking. Popular among agriculturist owing to its apitite for insects, it perches high in the open country from where it hunts for small rodents battering its victim to death before eating. This bird displays a distinctive style of courtship.

A widespread breeding resident, this stocky bird with large head flaunts various shades of blue. It has a sturdy bill hooked at the tip, a short tail, and small feet. Its eyes are dark with fine orange red eye ring. Its crown and wing panel are blue. While the shoulder patch and the tail’s terminal band are persian blue. The throat is purple with pale shaft streaks. The reddish rufous nape merges into olive brown back. Spectacular in flight, its wing tips are dark with sky-blue tips. The underwing coverts and lower body contrast with persian blue flight feathers. The upper parts have similar pattern with sky blue rump and sides of tail.

There gas been a dip in a number of this common resident. Decimation of its prey due to increasing use of pesticides on crops could be a possible reason for this decline.