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Green-winged Teal

Posted by sylvester alphonso on July 24, 2022 at 10:35 am
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It is also known as a Common Teal. This is the smallest duck in the region, one of the beautiful small ducks, which has a metallic green band from the eye to the nape.

It is a winter migrant bird found mainly in Rajasthan, north India, and northeast. During my recent visit to Assam, this bird and the Mallard are the most beautiful duck breeds I have ever seen. It has a head chestnut with broad metallic green band from the eye to the nape. In fact the green metallic band from the eye to the nape is the most beautiful feature of this bird. The other features are narrowly bordered with yellow speculum black, metallic green, buff body pencilled gray with grey horizontal scapular line.

Female is mottled dark and light brown with black and green speculum, speckled brown throat. Male could be like the female, but crown and nape blackish brown mantle and scapulars are edged with rufous buff. 

Widely found in all types of water bodies in winter. Feeds by upending in shallow water mostly in the morning and evening. Flight is swift. Lots of twisting and turning in mid air. It is mainly found in lakes and village ponds.

Voice is like a musical krit krit by a male; quack quack by a female. Food is mainly shoot, tubers and seeds of aquatic plants.