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Green Bee-eater

Posted by sylvester alphonso on January 3, 2022 at 8:58 pm
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Every village boy knows this bird that suddenly takes flight: It twists and whirls elegantly to catch an insect and leisurely glides back to take its perch. It is usually seen near farms, pastures, and sparse jungles.

This beautiful green bird has two long wire-like feathers in the tail. It is usually seen in pairs or small groups sitting on an electricity cable, a fence or a branch of a tree.

The bee-eater builds up a nest between February and June. The nest is usually on a slope of a hill. It is made by digging a tunnel using its sharp beak. The dept of the tunnel can vary from 19.7 inches to 78.8 inches. Four to seven eggs are laid at the end of the tunnel. They are pure white so that the parents can see them in complete darkness.

During winter days, bee-eaters gather on some thin branch of a tree in order to get the morning sun. The birds sit very close to each other to protect themselves from the cold; 4-5 or even 15-16 can be seen together.

Sigthing of this small green bird marks the arrival of spring and summer. There is a black eye stripe and the bill is thin and sharp.