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Greater Coucal

Posted by sylvester alphonso on August 6, 2022 at 9:36 pm
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The coucals are large and sturdy terrestrial cuckoos that have long bills. The females are larger than the male. There is evidence suggesting these birds are polyandrous and the male rear the young. 

This bird has a persistent poop poop poop call reminiscent of water guggling out of the bottle, lending it the nickname water bottle bird. 

The coucal is mostly black with bright chestnut wings. It can have a shiny bluish cast on its neck and belly. This bird is usually spotted walking and hopping on the ground. It has a low laboured flight during which its broad and black tail is seen. It is a very shy bird. When a human being is seen, it goes hoping into the bushes of the trees to hide.
Nesting is a large untidy ball of twigs, leaf and grass built on low branches in shrubs.

The coucal in Hindi is referred to as Bhardwaj pakshi. It is believed to be the reincarnation of the lord Vishnu in the common lore of Hindu mythology. It is a common tradition to fold and bow in reverence while doing namaskar whenever one spots this bird.