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Crested Serpent-Eagle

Posted by sylvester alphonso on January 27, 2023 at 2:44 pm
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This bird is seen mainly in forest areas, specially in northeast India. The main attraction of this bird is yellow eyes, black crown tipped with white, a large yellow patch at the base of the bill, grey cheeks, dark brown upper parts, buff brown under parts with white spots, and long yellow legs.

This bird is a lone warrior. I say this because it sits alone for hours until it sights its prey. It sits on high leafy trees. The tail and the underside of the flight feathers are banded with black and white. It has a series of sharp whistling calls during flight. The yellow patch on the eyes is the distinct mark.

I was fascinated when saw this bird in Kaziranga park at Assam. It waits for hours. I saw this for at least 45 minutes waiting for its prey. It gave me a chance to click about thirty pics of this bird.