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Crested Serpent-Eagle

Posted by sylvester alphonso on September 26, 2022 at 7:54 pm
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This bird can be seen in forested areas, especially in Noida, Bhindawas, Sultanpur, Sonepat and Northeast India. This big-headed sturdy snake eagle has a short bushy crest and unfeathered long yellow legs. When perched its wing tips fall short of the tail tip, exposing a black and white bordered tail.

The adult is mainly dark with large yellow bare patch on the lore and base of bill. The black crown is tipped white. It has grey cheeks, dark brown upper parts and buff brown underparts with regular white spotting that turns to barring on the lower belly.

The juvenile has a white head with black flecked crown dark ear coverts, white underparts and dark eyes. In flight, the serpent eagle has broad rounded wings with distinctive black and white banding on its remiges and a longish tail. 

Breeding is mainly between february and march, the nest is a large structure of twigs and sticks. The egg is creamy or yellowish pale. The food is is mainly snakes, lizards, frogs, field rats, and domestic fowl.