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Barn Owl

Posted by sylvester alphonso on January 19, 2023 at 11:01 pm
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Owls are enigmatic birds with faces similar to humans have fascinated mankind since time immemorial evoking awe as well as fear. These nocturnal bird of prey have an almost vertical stance and large heads with flat faces. They have raptor-like bills and talons. The barn owl is a bird that I always wanted to see from close. Just a few days back I was walking with my camera around the training campus where I teach. I happened to see this barn owl. 

The barn owl has a heart shaped face, long and tightly feathered legs and mostly white under parts that could have some fine spots. It can be easily identified by its white face, black eyes, gold and grey upper parts. The barn owl is a nocturnal species residing in old structures. It is also known as a screech owl for its sharp screeching call. You will always hear this screeching sound at night. It nests in old buildings laying 4 to 7 eggs. It feeds mainly on rodents but also catches birds and frogs.