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Snow Geese

Posted by Edwin Bowe on July 12, 2022 at 10:52 pm
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Location: Salton Sea, CA
In 1900, irrigation canals were constructed to divert the Colorado River into an area known as the Salton Sink. In 1905, the Colorado River breached containment, resulting in the entire volume of the river flowing into the area, eventually flooding nearby communities and resulting in the large lake known as the Salton Sea. When water from the Colorado was redirected, the Salton Sea continued to be fed by runoff from agricultural irrigation. The body of water became an important stopping area for migratory waterfowl on the Pacific Coast Flyway. Currently the lake is receding, and with the drop in water level, the salinity of the water has increased to exceed that of the ocean. As a result, the fish that were imported to provide a food source for birds have died. Snow geese winter at the Salton Sea and feed in the adjacent grain fields.