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Blue Grosbeak

Posted by Mark Schmitt on May 28, 2018 at 4:33 pm
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A migrant species that comes into the valley to breed. The male, obviously, is a real photo-op. This was taken at Tilley Creek Campgrounds, in Wofford Heights. In this image the plumage is a little worn. I should have gone out about a week earlier to get the bird in it’s finest.
When nesting, it sometimes uses snakeskin as nesting material, which is thought to thwart predators.
A group of grosbeaks are collectively called a “gross” of grosbeaks.

EXIF Canon 1Dx : Lens; Canon EF 500 IS USM L + 1.4 T/C (effective focal length 700mm) : Mode; aperture priority : Metering; center weighted average : Exp.; 1/1000 @ f 6.3 : ISO; 320 : White Bal.; custom