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Piping Plover

Posted by Scott Zimmermann on July 9, 2021 at 3:42 pm
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In May 2021, courting rituals were witnessed between two Piping Plovers along the south shore of Lake Erie in Ohio. While the appearance of the plovers wasn’t particularly rare, the notion of nesting and breeding in Ohio was very exciting. It has been 83 years since breeding Piping Plovers were documented in Ohio. In addition, the Great Lakes population has been growing. With all this positive news is the reality that these birds are still on a federally endangered list.

Sure enough, they mated, and there were eggs, and over the July 4th weekend, there were 4 chicks. Many witnessed the magic, and all of this happened on a popular state park beach. Now, a vigil of sorts is underway, with a handful of volunteers warding off people and predators as well as constantly counting the chicks to ensure they’re all there.

Ohio and Michigan birders are having a heyday photographing and watching these adorable birds, and the excitement is off the chart.