Northern Lapwing

Posted by newportbird on November 24, 2012 at 5:05 am

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11-23-12, continuing Northern Lapwing in cornfields, Summer St., W. Bridgewater, Mass.

Although usually at a distance this bird was actively feeding in the field, and observed by many birders & photographed. In the last three weeks there have been approximately 4-5 birds reported in Massachusetts, three on Nantucket Island off the coast, and two on the mainland in Plymouth County area, photos were tough with my 400 mm canon lens.¬† I used a Canon 1.4 converter, ISO 640, f 5.6, Program mode, with manual focus. ¬†Just a beautiful bird to see, i was quite happy, but I’ll head back again & hope to get better images, before winter weather sets in…..