The world’s penguins in photos

Northern Rockhopper Penguin
Northern Rockhopper Penguin. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Northern Rockhopper Penguin: Endangered; Gough Island; April 8, 2017

The photos seen in this slideshow first appeared alongside The Penguin Quest, a feature story from our January/February 2018 issue about two birders’ journey to see all 18 species of penguin.

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Charles Bergman

Charles Bergman

Charles Bergman is a professor of English at Pacific Lutheran University, an author, and an award-winning photographer. For BirdWatching, he has written articles about penguins, Vaux’s Swift, Red Crossbill, Spotted and Barred Owls, and Tufted Puffin, among other topics. His most recent book is A Penguin Told Me a Secret.

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