Winners of the 2018 Bird Photographer of the Year contest

Best Portfolio

Petr Bambousek of the Czech Republic won the Best Portfolio award. His submissions included this Roseate Spoonbill image above, photographed in Florida.

“I found a place where several were looking after their feathers. I left my car and walked to a spot where I could get as low as possible at the edge of the lagoon. The birds were calm, and I managed to obtain some nice shots in the late-afternoon light. After preening, the spoonbills shake their bodies and make some funny poses. This moment is captured in the picture.”

Bambousek’s portfolio also included this photo of a flying Common Crane. He took the photo at Lake Hornborga, Sweden. “I experienced a bout of very bad weather during a visit to Lake Hornborga in Sweden, famous for its large gathering of Common Cranes in the early spring. I used the low light caused by the cloudy weather to experiment with long shutter speeds and panning techniques.”

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