Winners of the 2018 Bird Photographer of the Year contest

Attention to Detail

Gold winner: Western Crowned-Pigeon at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, by David Easton, Singapore.

“I wanted to capture the bright sun illuminating the crown of feathers, but had to wait a while until the pigeon turned its head in such a way that they really stood out,” he explains. “The birds are quite jumpy, so a fast shutter speed was required, which also meant a higher ISO at this longer focal length.”

Silver winner: European Starling in North Wales, United Kingdom, by Alan Price, United Kingdom. “Starlings are one of the most colourful birds in the UK and have very distinctive feather detail,” he says. “I decided to focus on the head and give an abstract image. To get close enough to the subject, I had to construct a feeding station several feet from a hide.”

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