Slideshow: Unique birds of North America by Stan Tekiela

Painted Bunting pair
Painted Bunting pair on roses. Photo by Stan Tekiela

Award-winning photographer and naturalist Stan Tekiela has published more than 175 state field guides to common birds, wildflowers, trees, and reptiles and amphibians, nature books, children’s books, and other titles. In his new book, Wild Birds: North America’s Most Unique Birds, Tekiela showcases 28 of the most amazing bird species in North America.

“They include unique birds that are the most unusual or entertaining, and those with fascinating behavior,” he writes.

We are happy to share a handful of the book’s photos in this gallery. We begin with Stan’s portrait (above) of Painted Buntings. The males of this species, of course, are among the most colorful birds on the continent while the females sport a few shades of green.

Click below to see more photos from Stan’s book!

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