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Readers’ photos of their backyard birds

On March 18, I posted a slideshow of photos taken by BirdWatching readers of birds they’ve seen while they’re hunkered down. Now we’re happy to present a second installment. Because we feel that birdwatchers should stick to birding at home (or as close to home as possible) during the coronavirus pandemic, we’re limiting this slideshow and those in coming weeks to photos of backyard birds. 

On a related note, we are applying the same logic to our Reader Galleries. We encourage everyone to submit images to the Backyard Gallery. For photos submitted to the U.S. and Canada, World, Rarities, and Atypical Birds Galleries, please only submit photos taken before local lockdown requirements were in place, and in the description field, please include the date the photo was taken. If you find an atypical bird or a rarity in your yard or very close to home during the pandemic, you may submit photos to the corresponding gallery; of course, please include the date and general location (city, county, state, etc.) in the description. Thanks for your cooperation. 

Jan Addison of Orlando, Florida, sent photos from her yard and adds: “This is a difficult time for all, and it is important that we find joy in something every day regardless of our circumstances. Hearing the sounds of birds and watching their antics gives me serenity and provides that joy for me, with or without a camera in my hand. Get away from the constant virus updates periodically, and go see what’s happening in your own backyard.” Wonderfully said, Jan. Thanks to all who sent us photos, and please, keep them coming! 

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting

Jan Addison photographed this female Painted Bunting in her yard in Orlando, Florida.

Have photos from your yard to share for future slideshows? Post them in our Backyard Gallery or email them to [email protected]. Please tell us your name and when and where you took the photos. 

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Matt Mendenhall

Matt Mendenhall

Matt Mendenhall is the editor of BirdWatching magazine and You can reach him at [email protected].

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