Our 20 most popular Instagram photos in 2020

Black-capped Chickadee by Malese 
Posted October 21

Black-capped Chickadees hide food to eat later and can remember thousands of different hiding spots, according to AllAboutBirds.org. Gallery member Malese photographed this one in Colorado. Original gallery image

Bullock’s Oriole and Red-tailed Hawk by Jason Stewart
Posted December 12

Jason Stewart spotted this Bullock’s Oriole and several other songbirds harassing this Red-tailed Hawk until it left the area. Original gallery image

Yellow-headed Blackbird by David Mundy
Posted August 23

Yellow-headed Blackbirds spend a lot of time out of sight in reeds and cattails, so listen for their harsh check calls. David Mundy spotted this one on a pond near Millarville, Alberta. Original gallery image

American Avocet by John Williams
September 6

In celebration of World Shorebirds Day, we shared this great image of an American Avocet. John Williams took the photo at Belmar Lake in Lakewood, Colorado, in May 2015. Original gallery image

Acorn Woodpecker by Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson
Posted October 16

With Global Bird Weekend coming up in mid-October, we shared this image of clown-faced Acorn Woodpecker. Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson photographed the bird at Irvine Regional Park, California, about six years ago. Original gallery image

We’re looking forward to seeing many more of your photos in 2021!