Our 20 most popular Instagram photos in 2020

Painted Bunting by Linn Smith
Posted December 9

In winter, look for Painted Buntings near sources of seeds such as fields and bird feeders. Linn Smith added this photo of a male to our U.S. & Canada Gallery. Original gallery image

Common Redpolls by Isabelle Marozzo
Posted November 9

While hand-feeding birds requires patience and great care for the birds’ well-being, the rewards can be moments like this. Isabelle Marozzo photographed these Common Redpolls eating out of her hand. “It took months to develop trust with these redpolls,” she writes. “It felt amazing to have them feeding from my hand.” She shared the photo in our Backyard Gallery. Original gallery image

California Quail by Mark Schmitt
Posted December 17

Male California Quails, like the one seen here, have black faces outlined by white stripes. Mark Schmitt shared this portrait with us four years ago. Original gallery image

Spotted Towhee by Vern Johnson
Posted September 17

Look for Spotted Towhee along the edges of forests, thickets, and overgrown fields. Vern Johnson photographed this one in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Oakhurst, California, about five years ago. Original gallery image

Eastern Bluebird by Don Young
Posted September 3

Don Young shared this image of an Eastern Bluebird to our galleries about two years ago. Original gallery image