Bald Eagle flies free after rehabbers save it

Yesterday, April 19, an adult Bald Eagle was found tangled in a fence in a field in northern Virginia. Certified wildlife rehabilitators from the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Millwood, Virginia, extracted the bird from the fence and cared for it at their facility. The bird was exhausted but lucky. It had only minor injuries, and after being given fluids and an overnight stay at the center, it was ready to be released. 

Today, the center’s veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Riley, released the eagle at Sky Meadows State Park. Here’s a slideshow of images showing the progression of the bird’s entrapment, care, recovery, and release. You can also click to page 2 below to see a video of the release. Thanks to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center for sharing these materials. 




Kristi Titus (wearing yellow gloves), a permitted category II rehabilitator and a volunteer with the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, holds the eagle while Dr. Jennifer Riley, the veterinarian at Blue Ridge, checks the bird for injuries.

The May/June 2021 issue of BirdWatching magazine includes a feature article about raptor rehabilitators and the work they do.

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Click below to watch a video of the eagle’s release.