2021 Birds in Flight contest honorable mentions

A few days ago, we revealed the finalists in our 2021 Birds in Flight photo contest, and now the winners have been announced as well (see links below). We also want to share several more entries to this contest that we really liked: the 16 honorable mention images. Thanks to everyone who submitted more than 825 bird photos to this contest! It was a very challenging contest to judge. 

You can flip through the honorable mentions here: 

Lesser Crested Tern by David Clapp

Lesser Crested Tern by David Clapp

"The large numbers of noddies, boobies, and terns make Michelmas Cay a wonderful place to visit," says David Clapp of this photo that he took in January 2017. "The marvelous reef itself and all the corals, fishes, sharks, and mollusks add greatly to the scene. Both Lesser and Greater Crested Terns nest here along with Sooty and Black-naped Terns and Common (Brown) Noddies by the hundreds. Off the northeast coast of Australia the Great Barrier Reef sweeps along the coastline. Many of the cays and islands harbor seabirds. This Lesser Crested Tern was one of thousands on Michelmas Cay. The fish is likely a small herring but there is no definitive ID on the fish."

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Update, Nov. 2: We have now announced the three winners, which will also be featured in our January/February 2022 issue. 

First place

Second place

Third place