2021 Birds in Flight contest honorable mentions

A few days ago, we revealed the finalists in our 2021 Birds in Flight photo contest, and now the winners have been announced as well (see links below). We also want to share several more entries to this contest that we really liked: the 16 honorable mention images. Thanks to everyone who submitted more than 825 bird photos to this contest! It was a very challenging contest to judge. 

You can flip through the honorable mentions here: 

Bald Eagles by Conrad Peloquin

Bald Eagles by Conrad Peloquin

"There are just a very few times during the year that the midshipman fish come into the Hood Canal in Washington, and at the same time at extreme tidal changes, the fish get caught in the tide pools/oyster beds," says Conrad Peloquin. "During this period, the eagles will fight for these prized fish." Conrad took the photo on May 25, 2021, near the town of Seabeck.

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Update, Nov. 2: We have now announced the three winners, which will also be featured in our January/February 2022 issue. 

First place

Second place

Third place