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2019 Bird Portrait Contest honorable mentions

We received more than 1,000 submissions to our 2019 Bird Portrait Contest, and now, after combing through the entries, we’re excited to announce the results. 

The following slideshow displays our 15 honorable mention images, including photos of Brown Pelican, Anna’s Hummingbird, and Green Jay, plus three great shots of Anhinga. Enjoy! 

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Photographer: Bill Gogo

Location and date: Hwy. 66 in Oregon, September 11, 2015

Description: Nighttime brings clarity and focus for owls, and darkness is where secrets are best hidden. But on this bright and sunny day, as I was traveling on Oregon Hwy. 66, I spotted this Barn Owl fly into a vacant rustic shack. I pulled over to size up my approach to capture this amazing raptor without disturbing him (rule #1). I made my way to a side of the shack where he was unaware of my presence. He was nestled on a rotted 2x4 with the sun showcasing his magnificent braided heart-shaped head and piercing eyes that make all owls look like they are in deep concentration, scrutiny, and steeped in long-lasting knowledge full of wisdom and emotion. His face is like an elegant diamond in the rough. Focused on him, it made me reflect on all the beauty around me, providing me a clever vision and deep thought on where I want to go.

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Matt Mendenhall

Matt Mendenhall

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