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Articles by ikfong

Little Grebe

Recently a juvenile Little Grebe with leucism appeared in the Fushan Botanical Garden, which is located at the boundaries of New Taipei City and I-Lan … Read More “Little Grebe”

Glossy Ibis

Although Glossy Ibis is distributed on all continents except Antarctica, Taiwan is neither a habitat nor a migration stop of this bird. However, since a … Read More “Glossy Ibis”

Collared Owlet

Despite being the smallest owl in Taiwan, only a little larger than a man’s fist, Collared Owlet is nothing short of a raptor. It’s diurnal, … Read More “Collared Owlet”

Village Weaver

Village Weaver birds aren’t supposed to appear in Taiwan, but a small group has been breeding at an outskirt area of Hsin-Chu City for several … Read More “Village Weaver”