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Articles by ikfong

Maroon Oriole

A rare bird species in Taiwan, Maroon Oriole can sometimes be seen in lowland forests around the Island. This bird in the photo perched high … Read More “Maroon Oriole”

White Wagtail

There are three subspecies of White Wagtails in Taiwan. This subspecies, Motacilla alba ocularis, features grey back plumage and a black stripe passing through the … Read More “White Wagtail”

Taiwan Barwing

An endemic species to Taiwan, Taiwan Barwings live in mid- to high-elevation forest. They often move in small groups within bushes, occasionally coming out to … Read More “Taiwan Barwing”

Black Drongo

One of the most common bird species in Taiwan, Black Drongo is well-known to be very aggressive in defending its territory, particularly in the breeding … Read More “Black Drongo”

Bronzed Drongo

A common bird species in Taiwan, Bronzed Drongo usually appears to have black plumage, but under strong sunlight its feathers reflect a shining blue color. … Read More “Bronzed Drongo”


Besra or Besra Sparrowhawk is not often seen in Taiwan, despite it being an endemic subspecies. This one was spotted inside the campus of National … Read More “Besra”