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Edwin Bowe

Articles by Edwin Bowe

American Coots

Location: Floating Island Lake, Yellowstone national park, WY The normal aggression of American Coots is increased during breeding season. This image depicts the typical behavior … Read More “American Coots”

Canada Goose

Location: Floating Island Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming This goose was the first of a pair to land in the water of Floating Island Lake.

American Avocet

Location: Floating Island Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming The rust-colored head and neck identify this American Avocet as a breeding adult. (The head and neck … Read More “American Avocet”

Trumpeter Swan

Location: Yellowstone River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Since peaking at 72 birds in 1961, the population of resident trumpeter swans in Yellowstone National Park has … Read More “Trumpeter Swan”

Great Egret

Location: Gatorland, Kissimmee, FL A male great egret goes through an elaborate breeding display in an attempt to attract a mate. The initial maneuver is … Read More “Great Egret”

Tufted Titmouse

Location: Nicholasville, KY Tufted titmice are common visitors to bird feeders, often in conjunction with chickadees. We commonly see one take a sunflower seed and … Read More “Tufted Titmouse”


Location: Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel Island, FL This image shows a young bird (with red-orange eyes) near its mother (with yellow eyes). Although … Read More “Osprey”