American Robin

This was taken in my yard with my Canon DSLR in March 2013. American Robin having a snack.

American White Pelican

Captured this American White Pelican near sunset providing a nice look back pose while wading in a pond in Fort Myers Florida. Always a favorite pose of mine. Background is…

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch from this year, just after the spring chageover, at his best. Thanks for looking!

American Goldfinch

Male American Goldfinch at a feeder in my yard in Central Florida

American Kestrel

This little fella was hunting bugs in a park in Panama. He hopped up on this log and posed for me to take his photo. Shortly after I…

American Woodcock

Really amazing camouflage the American Woodcock have. Their supreme camouflage makes them a real challenge to locate, for good reason though. This particular one was photographed at a cemetery in…

American White Pelican

This American White Pelican is in post breeding plumage. They were numerous last weekend on Washington Island in Door County, WI.

American Bittern

Strutting it’s stuff, an American Bittern tries to impress a potential mate feeding close-by. Ottawa, Canada….