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A male Redhead duck taken in Donna Birkmaier Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This park is a naturalized park and has retained a lot of the … Read More “Redhead”

Great Blue Heron

Ready to strike, and appareantly able to see through thick duckweed!

Wood Ducks

I am very fortunate to live in Central Florida with a pond in our backyard. One of my favorite visitors are the Wood Ducks. And, … Read More “Wood Ducks”

Harlequin Duck

A Harlequin Duck in the Yellowstone River gets ready to rejoin the turbulence of Yellowstone National Park’s Le Hardy Rapids, after taking a break in … Read More “Harlequin Duck”

Wood Duck

This drake Wood Duck was photographed at North Chagrin Reservation last fall. North Chagrin is probably most well known for the abundance of Wood Ducks … Read More “Wood Duck”

Mottled Ducks

I thought these Mottled Ducks had an interesting look… I wonder what they were thinking? Taken at Spring Hill, Florida Nikon D40x, 70-300 VR lens, … Read More “Mottled Ducks”


This image of a male Redhead Duck was taken at a local park using a D800 camera, a 300 mm lens with a 1.4 teleconverter, … Read More “Redhead”

Lesser Scaup

Female Lesser Scaup Duck during early March. She and her mate are overwintering here in western New York.