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American Crow

One of a family of four juvenile crows that invaded the suet feeder in my backyard, SW Calgary (AB), Canada. Photographed 10 August 2016 with … Read More “American Crow”

American Kestrel

An American Kestrel taken earlier this year near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan using a D800 Nikon camera.

Ruddy Turnstone

A Ruddy Turnstone photographed at Bunche Beach Preserve, Florida. This guy was running around the beach probing the clumps of seaweed during low tide looking … Read More “Ruddy Turnstone”

American Oystercatcher

An American Oystercatcher running through the waves in search of food finds a small shell. 6/22/16 ~Joshua Clark

American Flamingo

American Flamingo in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Photo taken on June 15, 2015 using a Nikon 600 camera