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Snowy Owl

I sat and watched this Snowy Owl as the sun set. As the sun got lower and lower, I noticed a change in behavior. The … Read More “Snowy Owl”

Piping Plover

The Piping plover is listed as endangered in Canada. This banded bird took a brief rest stop at Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton, Ontario on … Read More “Piping Plover”

Snowy Owl

A Snowy Owl photographed at Damon Point State Park, Washington yawning as the evening was drawing near. Perched on top of a piece of driftwood … Read More “Snowy Owl”

Snowy Egret

Another photo from my backyard pond in Central Florida. Probably my favorite bird to photograph, the Snowy Egret is simply extraordinary. I can watch them … Read More “Snowy Egret”


A hunkered down Sanderling photographed on Sanibel Island Beach, Florida. This little guy was shadowing around a Black-bellied Plover for some reason. Everywhere the Plover … Read More “Sanderling”

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret head shot in breeding plumage with yellow lores. Ft. Desoto State Park fishing pier.

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret in high breeding plumage where the lores turn from yellow to red-orange. Ft. Desoto State Park fishing pier.

Snowy Egret

In flight, Green Cay Wetlands