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Eurasian Wren

In Taiwan, the Eurasian Wrens are taxonomized to be an endemic subspecies. They live in high elevation areas, often hiding in the bushes. This one … Read More “Eurasian Wren”

House Finch

This male House Finch found our oriole feeder today, and he and his mate were investigating the tall shrubs in our yard as well. I … Read More “House Finch”

Carolina Wren

An angular position captures the spunkiness and unique lean that this Carolina Wren has assumed while perched on a branch.

House Finches

A pair of House Finches. Photo taken April 9, 2022 Cook County, IL using a Nikon P900.

House Finch

I love how this little House Finch looks like she is wearing a dress of blossoms.

House Sparrow

Growing up, the House Sparrow was everywhere, but over the years their numbers have seemed to drop quite a bit. Photographed this one at a … Read More “House Sparrow”

House Finch

Taken in Seattle, WA Some male House Finches have orange or yellow on the head and breast in place of the usual reddish color. This … Read More “House Finch”

House Finch

Portrait detail of a male House Finch in SW Calgary, AB, Canada. Photographed on 30 December 2021 with a Nikon D7200 and Sigma 100-400mm lens.

House Finch

I love how adorable the birds look when they puff up their feathers to keep warm in the cold. This female house finch sat on … Read More “House Finch”