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American Crow

Is there a more suitable bird for a black and white shot than the American Crow?

American Robin

Male American Robin posing for me at our walk around Sawhill Ponds in Boulder, Colorado

American White Pelican

An American White Pelican is seen in its soaring flight as it searches for breeding sites and foraging areas.

American Kestrel

took my camera for a walk this morning and much to my delight I got to spend some time watching 4 American Kestrels hunt for insects in a field not…

American Avocets

American Avocet – unusual visitors to the beach at Fairfax SRA on Monroe Lake, IN. September 3, 2020…

American Avocet

American Avocet bathing at Fairfax SRA, IN on September 3, 2020

American Dipper

An American Dipper pauses briefly while seeking food in the water at Spearfish Canyon’s Roughlock Falls, located in the northern Black Hills of South Dakota. Photo was taken on August…

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch captured by @TB_Wildlife_Photography

American White Pelican

An American White Pelican is a huge white bird with a nine-foot wingspan and an enormous orange bill.