Eastern Wood-Pewee

Not a Phoebe! See the Yellow bill? FOS over the creek at Franklin Sq. in Syracuse NY.

Least Bittern

paparazzi for the star to make its appearance, pretty funny if I do say so 🙂 More photographers started to arrive as we all stood there looking at the reeds…

Turkey Vulture

I cannot say I have ever seen a Turkey Vulture just relaxing on a branch in this position, and yes they do sleep exactly as shown.

Hawaii’s new birding trail and festival

east. It will link a national park, two state parks, several forest reserves, two county parks, a national wildlife refuge, several public trails, and local businesses. The trail is being…

Eastern Phoebe

Saw this Eastern Phoebe by a creek, taken on 4/27/16 in Greensboro NC

A hero enters the hall of fame

directions to Forest Beach. Noel Cutright, scientist, conservationist, friend. Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame. Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory. Wisconsin Society for Ornithology. Bird City Wisconsin.   New…

Eastern Phoebe

choose to nest, we always put a perch out for them to sit and watch their nest from. This also works out well for getting some images. Location: Iron, MN…