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American Oystercatchers

These three week old..have their first foray into the Ocean in Cape May, NJ

American Robin

American Robin singing an early morning song at Lake City, Colorado.

American White Pelican

Am. White Pelican with immature featuring but mature “centerboard” atop the bill.

American Robin

This robin was seen on the front lawn, with its head cocked, searching for earthworms and insects.

American Robin

American Robin in the lush green aspen woods in Lake City, Colorado.

American Avocet

Location: Salton Sea, CA Although American avocets in breeding plumage are sometimes described as “elegant,” as shown in this image, immature and non-breeding adults lack … Read More “American Avocet”

American Crow

An American Crow fledgling in SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Photographed on 9 August 2022 with a Nikon D7200 and a Sigma 100-400 lens.