Feds honor heroes for endangered and threatened birds

Steller’s Eider, above, and Spectacled Eider, below. Photos by Tom Ingram and Joshua Galicki

Nathan Graff, advocate for eiders

FWS Region 7 covers Alaska, and here the FWS honored Nathan Graff, from the Endangered Species Branch in its Fairbanks office. The agency commends his “leadership in managing and implementing the Steller’s and Spectacled Eider Breeding Ecology Field Program near Utqiaġvik.”

Graff’s “contributions to the Eider Recovery Program have been vital to these species,” FWS reports. “Since 2014, Graff successfully lead and expanded the challenging Steller’s and Spectacled Eider Breeding Ecology Field Program. During this time, he strengthened partnerships with the Utqiaġvik community by increasing public awareness, engaging in one-on-one conversations with local community members, and involving local students in our field projects. The Service’s relationship with the community of Utqiaġvik has significantly improved, largely due to his efforts and understanding the community’s concerns, improving cooperation and ultimately our collective success in conserving these species.”

Utqiaġvik, previously known as Barrow, is the northernmost city in the United States. The city and surrounding area are renowned for their diverse birdlife.


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Matt Mendenhall

Matt Mendenhall

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