Hotspots Near You

  • 250. Bayonne Golf Club, Bayonne, New Jersey

    Local birders refer to this hotspot as the Bayonne Golf Club, but, in fact, the course is private. We are really birding along a stretch of the 30-foot-wide Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, which is planned to connect the tip of Bayonne to the George Washington Bridge, about 15 miles upriver. The path parallels an inlet that is adjacent to a shopping mall and passes through a wetland-mitigation site and the golf course, which is built on a restored landfill.

  • 188. Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve, Franklin Township, New Jersey

    New Jersey is densely populated, and its natural areas are dwindling. Suburban central Jersey is particularly homogenous. Grassland habitat there is in extremely short supply. Until 2003, Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve, near New Brunswick, was a 164-acre farm growing alfalfa and other crops; now its fields have been replanted with native grasses and wildflowers.

  • 178. Mercer Meadows, Lawrence Township, New Jersey

    Hundreds of tall telephone poles once supported wire radio antennas on the 800 acres known as the Pole Farm. The facility was shuttered decades ago; now, after a grassroots campaign persuaded county government to stave off development, the farm and another 800-plus acres have been preserved.

  • 82. Richard W. DeKorte Park, Lyndhurst, New Jersey

    By the late 1960s, the New Jersey Meadowlands was a sorry emblem of rampant environmental degradation, a sprawling trashopolis sulking in the shadow of Manhattan.

  • 77. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, Barnegat Light, New Jersey

    Each year, when winter winds howl through the woods and fields near my home in southeastern Pennsylvania, I feel the urge to visit Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. I figure that if I can’t run from the cold weather, why not go enjoy it at one of the best winter birding sites on the East Coast?

  • 63. Allendale Celery Farm, Allendale, New Jersey

    Once a working farm, the Allendale Celery Farm is now a wildlife oasis amidst the sprawling suburbs of Bergen County, New Jersey.