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Each of the blue placemarks on the map above points to one of our Hotspots Near You, and each red placemark points to a hotspot we’ve described in a feature story. You can zoom in to your area using the + symbol in the lower right, and you can move the map by grabbing it with your cursor. Click on any placemark, and you’ll see a brief description of the site and its birds as well as a link to read more.

About “Hotspots Near You”

We’ve published “Hotspots Near You” since October 2006. In it, we provide up-to-date information from local birders about easily accessible places to watch birds. We offer maps, directions, bird lists, links, contact information, and detailed descriptions of hotspots that are great for birding close to home.

List of All Hotspots

  • 58. Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington

    This urban wilderness is a great spot to see Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Peregrine Falcon, scoters, grebes, Pigeon Guillemot, ducks, and Hooded Merganser.
    By Diann MacRae | Published: 12/26/2008

  • 57. Russ Pitman Park, Bellaire, Texas

    This small park in the Houston metro area attracts 4-5 hummingbird species each winter, is a reliable spot for Cerulean and Golden-winged Warblers in spring, and is home to Eastern Screech-Owls in summer.
    By Fred Collins | Published: 12/26/2008

  • 56. Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York

    The famous greenspace in New York City is a great spot to see warblers, tanagers, flycatchers, waterfowl, and sparrows.
    By Phil Jeffrey | Published: 10/22/2008

  • 55. The Wilds, Cumberland, Ohio

    This huge wildlife conservation center is home to Golden Eagles, Rough-legged Hawks, and Short-eared Owls in winter and Bobolinks, meadowlarks, and Henslow's and Grasshopper Sparrows in summer.
    By Jim McCormac | Published: 10/22/2008

  • 54. Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, Willows, California

    Where to see Snow and Ross's Geese, Northern Pintail, Cinnamon Teal, Yellow-billed Magpie, and White-tailed Kite in the Sacramento Valley.
    By Harry Fuller | Published: 10/22/2008

  • 53. Boyce-Thompson Arboretum State Park, Superior, Arizona

    The best migrant trap in central Arizona attracts hummingbirds, wrens, warblers, Summer Tanager, Lawrence's Goldfinch, and other birds.
    By Jim Burns | Published: 10/22/2008

  • 52. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, Green Bay, Wisconsin

    Look for warblers and other songbirds, herons, waterfowl, Bald Eagles, and American White Pelicans near the southern shore of Green Bay.
    By Ty Baumann | Published: 8/22/2008

  • 51. Gordons Pond, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

    Find gannets, loons, ducks, rails, herons, eagles, Osprey, chickadees, and Brown-headed Nuthatches at this coastal hotspot.
    By Jeffrey Gordon | Published: 8/22/2008