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Each of the blue placemarks on the map above points to one of our Hotspots Near You, and each red placemark points to a hotspot we’ve described in a feature story. You can zoom in to your area using the + symbol in the lower right, and you can move the map by grabbing it with your cursor. Click on any placemark, and you’ll see a brief description of the site and its birds as well as a link to read more.

About “Hotspots Near You”

We’ve published “Hotspots Near You” since October 2006. In it, we provide up-to-date information from local birders about easily accessible places to watch birds. We offer maps, directions, bird lists, links, contact information, and detailed descriptions of hotspots that are great for birding close to home.

List of All Hotspots

  • 84. Quidi Vidi Lake, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

    This lake near the Atlantic Ocean is an important bathing and resting area for hundreds of gulls that draw casual birdwatchers and experienced gull watchers alike, and it's a great spot for waterfowl, winter finches, chickadees, and Bohemian Waxwing.
    By Anne Hughes | Published: 12/28/2009

  • 83. Panoche Valley, San Benito County, California

    Bird Panoche Valley Road south of Hollister in search of Golden Eagle, Yellow-billed Magpie, California Thrasher, Phainopepla, Greater Roadrunner, and Long-eared Owl.
    By Carolyn Longstreth | Published: 12/28/2009

  • 82. Richard W. DeKorte Park, Lyndhurst, New Jersey

    Go to the heart of the restored New Jersey Meadowlands for raptors and Snowy Owls in winter, migratory birds in spring and fall, and Black Skimmers, egrets, and Orchard Orioles in summer.
    By Adam Marcus | Published: 12/28/2009

  • 81. Fort Pierre National Grassland, Fort Pierre, South Dakota

    This huge national grassland south of Pierre is one of the best places in the lower 48 states to look for Gyrfalcons in winter. Other prime attractions include Snowy Owl, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Ferruginous Hawk, and nesting Burrowing Owls.
    By Doug Backlund | Published: 12/28/2009

  • 80. Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, South El Monte, California

    See Yellow-breasted Chat, California Thrasher, California Towhee, Least Bell's Vireo, and other birds at this greenspace east of downtown Los Angeles.
    By Catherine Waters | Published: 10/23/2009

  • 79. Sweetwater Wetlands, Tucson, Arizona

    This water-treatment facility in Tucson is where to go for Abert's Towhee, Harris's and Red-tailed Hawks, Cactus Wren, Pyrrhuloxia, Greater Roadrunner, and Ladder-backed Woodpecker.
    By Matthew Brooks | Published: 10/23/2009

  • 78. Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto, Ontario

    Find cormorants, night-herons, warblers, thrushes, owls, shorebirds, waterfowl, and egrets at this globally significant Important Bird Area on Lake Ontario.
    By Tom Flinn | Published: 10/23/2009

  • 77. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, Barnegat Light, New Jersey

    The most reliable site in New Jersey for wintering Harlequin Ducks, and a great place to see shorebirds, falcons, eiders, gulls, and longspurs.
    By William Jobes | Published: 10/23/2009