Getting started

How to attract and feed birds, identify them, choose binoculars, and make your birdwatching count, along with commonsense answers to questions about grackles, bald birds, baby birds, and bird emergencies.

Basics of bird ID


How to use color, size, markings, and song to identify the birds you see, and 11 good books that we think will make your birdwatching more enjoyable. Read More

Basics of bird-friendly yards


Attract hummingbirds and other birds with shelter-providing trees and shrubs, seed- and nectar-producing wildflowers, and water for drinking and bathing. Read More

Facts about birds


Which bird flies fastest, which is smallest, which lays the largest egg, which has the greatest number of feathers, and a flock of additional amazing facts. Read More

Birdfeeding basics


Find out how easy it is to attract cardinals, orioles, and other birds with seeds, oranges, suet, and other treats. Read More

Bird 911


Where to turn in a bird emergency: what to do when you find a bird, how to care for baby birds, how to rescue and transport songbirds and birds of prey, what to feed a bird during an emergency, and answers to questions about injured and orphaned birds. Read More

Coping with grackles


Seven ways to deal with ­Common Grackles at your feeders, plus a few reasons why you might not want to. Read More

What to do if you find a baby bird


How to tell a nestling from a fledgling, whether it’s OK to handle a baby bird, how to move a hatchling to safety even if you can’t reach its nest, and how to locate a wildlife rehabilitator. Read More